The lego mechanical keyboard

  • ame
  • Saturday, Feb 20, 2021

so seems lately I was lucky at raffles… after a kam set few days after i got a set, came the time of switches….

thought I found the perfect linear kailh&novelkey new cream

or my kailh crystal jades with click bar removed….

till by chance i see the kprepublic raffle on gateron turquoise tealio

opted for the 65g…

are they good? yes

are they cheap? no, but if you do not buy switches every week probably is ok

shall I lube? yes

shall I film? I would say yes but this is up to your pleasure.

I also have a good collection of “home made” switches in general spirit springs.. gateron ink v2 yellows and reds…

now my switches go in general on these keyboards… so I appreciate my tastes are not in line with the majority… I tried my best to record them how they sound stock… in hand and on a board with and without caps (caps are mt3 godspeed if you wonder)

sounds in here